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Protecting your privacy is important to the Westamerica family of companies and we are committed to safeguarding our customer's information. Our privacy statements explain how we may collect, use and disclose your personal information. Click here to be directed to our Corporate Privacy page.

Online Privacy Statement

Visitors to Redwood Merchant Service will remain anonymous. We do not collect personal identifying information about visitors to our site. Our servers collect standard non-identifying information about visits to the site, such as date and time visited, IP address, city, state, and country. This information is used to compile standard statistics on site usage. If you have provided personal identifying information via e-mail (e.g. name and address), the information will only be used to communicate with you to handle your request. It is not sold or transferred to other parties. Redwood Merchant Service is committed to protecting your privacy.

Our Collection of Information About Customers

This policy covers customer information, which means personally identifiable information about a consumer or a consumer's current or former relationship with us. When customers establish a relationship with us, we collect their personal private information. We receive this information directly from the customers, from our affiliates and from other sources such as credit reporting agencies. We will use this information to help us administer and process the customer's transactions and provide products, services and other opportunities they may need. It is our policy to collect only that information we need for specific business purposes. Restriction on Disclosing Information to Parties Outside our Affiliated Companies

We will not disclose our customer's private personal information we have collected to other companies unless:

Disclosing Information to Other Outside Companies

Periodically, we will need to share our customer's private information with outside companies; for example, companies that we hire to maintain our computer systems and companies that perform check card data processing. We will communicate our privacy commitment to these companies and ask that these companies agree to safeguard customer information, use the information only for its intended purpose, and not distribute it to other companies unless it is necessary to complete the customer's transaction.

Providing Privacy Information to Customers and Responding to Inquiries

Customers have the right to receive, and we have a responsibility to inform customers of, our privacy policies and practices. We will therefore provide notice of our privacy policies in the form of a Privacy Notice. The Notice will describe in detail the privacy practices of the bank. At a minimum, this Notice will be available at any bank branch location, will be provided to a consumer at the time the consumer establishes a customer relationship with us, and yearly thereafter.