Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

We take pride in offering transparent pricing with no surprises to our customers. At Redwood Merchant Services, there are no hidden fees or long term contracts with large termination penalties. We fully disclose our processing fees and pass through any direct card association expenses with no mark-up—no surprises; pricing you can trust.

Here’s a simple explanation of our fee structure: We pass through the fees from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PIN Debit with NO markup. We charge you what they charge us. We add our clearly disclosed processing fees which include a discount rate, transaction-related fees and monthly charges.

Are you paying too much?

Here’s how to calculate your Effective Discount Rate (EDR) and determine what you’re paying for processing:  Add all the monthly processing fees you are currently paying (be sure to prorate any annual fees) and divide that by your total gross credit card sales (before any deductions). This will give you your bottom line percentage called the EDR. 

You may be paying too much if:

  • You accept payments face-to face-and your EDR is greater than 2.00%.
  • You accept payments online and your EDR is greater than 2.25%.
  • You accept mostly business credit cards and your EDR is greater than 2.50%.

Don’t like what you see? Call us today for a free cost analysis and see how much you can save. Talk to one of our expert customer service representatives at (800) 939-9942.

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